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vocal coaching 

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Lark Knowles is a full-time singer/ piano accompanist with 12+ years as a professional vocalist and entertainer. Lark trained in vocals and drama at the America Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Lessons are 45 min- 1 hour and start at $75. Available in home or at my beach bungalow in San Clemente. ALL ages welcome.

Lark is more than an instructor. She is a mentor.  She got to know each of our kids individually and connects with them in a way that builds their confidence and develops their individual strengths.  

She is an encourager! And makes the kids feel like superstars.

As a parent, I have always wanted to help my kids develop confidence and want them to believe in themselves.  Lark works her magic and every lesson my kids come out of it feeling like superwoman (and the one superman😉) .  Lark is the best! 

The Stone Family

4 Kids, Las Vegas, NV

It is a great fun to sing with her. Lark really transports the joy of singing every minute – even in the exercise parts.

She has a great ability to combine practicing with the fun to sing. She is always positive and motivates you to give your best. And also with my 13 year old son – she is great and gets songs and tones from him I would have never believed.



I decided to take lessons since I have always said “in my second life I wanna be able to sing”.

Having something To look forward to is a great thing during this time Of uncertainty. ❤️

Lark makes me feel like I can really sing & on key‼️

Lark exudes positivity & optimism. She has such a magnetic personality. 😍 I love her❣️



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